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119,99 EUR*
Details Managing Change in Extreme Contexts (Understanding Organizational Change)

Seiten: 342, Gebundene Ausgabe, Routledge Studies in Organizational Change & Development

194,33 EUR*
Details Managing Complex Educational Change: Large Scale Reorganisation of Schools

Managing Complex Educational Change Discusses ways to manage the process of putting major change into practice in schools. The book draws on the latest thinking from business and education on how to manage change in this chaotic context.

130,86 EUR*
Details Managing Cultural Change: Reclaiming Synchronicity in a Mobile World (Global Connections (Hardcover))

Managing Cultural Change Examines responses to migration and mobility as part of a process of managing wider cultural change. Presenting research from a range of settings, from liberalising India, global workplaces in Asia, and migrant youth culture in...

62,75 EUR*
Details All Change in Public Services: The Art and Science of Managing Change and Transitions

Seiten: 56, Taschenbuch, Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy

101,64 EUR*
Details Managing Corporate Change

Seiten: 364, Ausgabe: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2001, Taschenbuch, Springer

9,98 EUR*
Details Managing Change

Ausgabedatum: 2012-05-25, Audio CD, Dv (CMS)

9,45 EUR*
Details Managing Change (Lessons Learned)

Seiten: 98, Taschenbuch, Harvard Business Review Press

38,13 EUR*
Details Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict Amid Change

Seiten: 196, Ausgabe: 00002, Gebundene Ausgabe, Llead Academy

83,75 EUR*
Details Managing Organisational Change

Seiten: 341, Ausgabe: Australasian ed, Taschenbuch, John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd

61,99 EUR*
Details Prescription for Change: Managing and Controlling Change in Health Services

Prescription for Change Paquette (political science, Lakehead U.) describes her concept of applying military strategy to broader applications; in this case, health services management. Individual chapters describe the identification of strategies being...

25,59 EUR*
Details Managing Change in Health and Social Care Services

Seiten: 190, Taschenbuch, Pavilion Publishing (Brighton) Ltd

43,71 EUR*
Details The American Midwest: Managing Change in Rural Transition

Seiten: 304, Ausgabe: New Ed, Taschenbuch, M.E. Sharpe

21,90 EUR*
Details Managing Change Across Corporate Cultures (Culture for Business Series)

Managing Change Across Corporate Cultures Corporate Culture reveals why corporate culture has such a powerful influence on every aspect of business performance, and shows how to develop high--performing corporate cultures in a complex global business...

25,02 EUR*
Details Presidential Transition in Higher Education: Managing Leadership Change

Seiten: 288, Ausgabe: Revised., Taschenbuch, Johns Hopkins Univ Pr

16,01 EUR*
Details Emptying the Bucket:: Understanding & Managing Change, Stress, & Trauma

Seiten: 226, Ausgabe: First Edition, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

61,09 EUR*
Details Managing Public Services - Implementing Changes: A Thoughtful Approach to the Practice of Management

Managing Public Services - Implementing Changes Focusing on change as a constant factor in the management of organizations, this book helps students and practitioners to develop the skills and knowledge they require to underpin the work of a modern...

63,00 EUR*
Details Information for Innovation: Managing Change from an Information Perspective

Seiten: 312, Ausgabe: Revised., Taschenbuch, Oxford University Press

50,46 EUR*
Details Cut Carbon, Grow Profits: Business Strategies for Managing Climate Change and Sustainability (Management, Policy + Education)

[{ Cut Carbon, Grow Profits: Business Strategies for Managing Climate Change and Sustainability (New) (Management, Policy + Education) By Tang, Kenny ( Author ) Jan - 01- 2007 ( Hardcover ) } ]

13,38 EUR*
Details The Livingwheel System for Managing Change: From Motivation to Transformation

Seiten: 106, Ausgabe: 1, Taschenbuch, Sheva Training and Development

14,87 EUR*
Details The Job Seeker Guide: Managing Change in a Fluctuating Job Market

Seiten: 92, Ausgabe: VI, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

44,87 EUR*
Details Managing Innovation and Change, Third Edition (Published in Association With the Open University)

Building on the success of the Second Edition with 19 new chapters, Managing Innovation and Change showcases the best work of thinkers writing in this area and provides a coherent picture of key ideas and concepts to have emerged from this exciting...

12,60 EUR*
Details Ocr As Geography Student Guide: F762 Managing Change in Human Environments (Ocr As Geography Student Gde)

OCR AS Geography Student Unit Guide: Managing Change in Human Environments: Unit F762 Perfect for revision, this guide explains the unit requirements, summarises the content and includes specimen questions with graded answers. Full description

4,29 EUR*
Details The Second Curve: Radical Strategies for Managing Change

The business world is undergoing a profound revolution as the new millennium inches closer, and one of the best assessments of its implications and possibilities comes from Institute for the Future president Ian Morrison in his The Second Curve:...